Monthly Archives: August 2011

What have I been doing?

I haven’t been putting up drawings because I’ve been helping a friend put up a mural in Oakland.  Recognize the spaceship design?

Can you guess who I’m trying to draw?

So, I think I’ve settled on all my character models for my thesis work.  10 points if you can tell what actress I’m trying to capture here in these sketches.

Even better

Here’s the cleaned-up, more “formal” version of the spaceship going on the mural.

Getting ready to paint

My friend Lindsey is giving me the opportunity to paint a mural with her and another fantastic painter, Sid, in the Bay Area.  Also, I get to contribute to the design.  Zing! Here’s my sketches for the spaceship part of the design.  If all goes well, in  a couple of weeks I’ll have some cool photos of the finished mural to put up…

Happy birthday, Brady!

Sketch of a friend for his bday.

Warming up with my face.

This is kind of what I look like, sometimes… well, you can tell I was trying to draw me, anyway.

Work faster!

Still trying to get this right.

Old and new projects

Trying to finish up a couple pages of an Iron Man story before the new semester starts.  Today I’m just trying to pin down how I draw the current armor used in the Marvel Comics.IM sketches


I’m new to blogging (I know, I know..), so I’m just playing around with this a bit.  Check in later for good stuff…