Monthly Archives: September 2011

Nothing to show

I’m working like mad, but I’m too tired to scan anything and post it.  Sorry, good stuff soon, I promise.

Slow progress

The workload is enormous, and for some reason that makes it harder to actually get started.  In the meantime, I do manage to get some fun sketches done whenever I’m supposed to be doing something else, like participating in class…

Captain Picard has the mumps… and a mustache.

Guess who inspired one of the subjects in this piece.

Who likes fat robots?

Me!  Here’s one that might make into my thesis…

Check this out!

Here’s the link to the fundraising for our next book:

If you’re interested in what I do here, please feel encouraged to support me and my fellow students as we attempt to self-publish.

Space stations are fun.

I wish my apartment was here.



Well, there’s one week’s work down. Only 14 more weeks to go.

Still going…

Number two in my mad dash marathon of homework this weekend.

Homework, homework, homework…

These are taking me forever.  My Advanced Perspective class requires a lot of time and work.  Here’s one, not even with value added yet…

Lots of Drawing

So, I’m in the thick of it with classes now, and drawing a lot.  Unfortunately, much of what I’ve done the last week was for a project that required a non-disclosure agreement, so I can’t post my work to the blog.  But here’s a colored version of my favorite spaceship: