Monthly Archives: October 2011

The perspective must be advanced!

Here’s more homework from a current class.  Someday, when I no longer require time to eat or sleep, I’ll also add some value and/or color to these warlocks.

Get her, giant robot!

The best part about working on my thesis is that I can direct homework from other classes toward that theme.  In this case, I’ve really started doing all-thesis stuff for my Advanced Perspective class.  Here’s one from this week.  As always, some turn out really good, some are stinkers.  I like this one, but I’m aware of all its problems…

More of the same

Still pushing this guy’s character sheet.  Now the only thing I don’t know is what the bottom of his feet look like…


Gradual progress toward a better world

This piece is getting closer, but not quite finished yet.

An oldie but goodie

Remember this one from a month or so ago?  No?  Well, that’s probably ’cause no one is reading this blog.  Anyway, here’s an update on a previous piece, and I really like it:

Old school

Here’s a remake from a comic I made when I was a teenager.  I wish I’d known I would one day more towards art professionally back then.  I could’ve wasted much less time…

Scotty, I need more power!

This is kind of what the engine room in my spaceship will look like:

Thesis work

Here’s some o’ my thesis design work.

You know you love it…

Here be more stuff.

Sacrifice of Angels

I’ve decided to start naming posts after really good Start Trek episodes.  Also, here’s another line drawing perspective study: