Monthly Archives: November 2011

Color makes everything better

Here’s another progress update in the book we’re going to print with this week.  Whew!  Coloring takes forever…

Five by Five

Ever since I sat transfixed, on garish carpet in a trailer, in broad daylight by the movie Aliens (back in 1986), I’ve wanted my own dropship.  I’m pretty happy with this one.  And although there’s no aliens around this time, it is full of killer robots!


For those of you in-the-know, here’s a preview of some linework from the upcoming book some friends and I are self-publishing:

Happy Thanksgiving, you lazy bastards…

Enjoying a nice relaxing holiday?  Not me.  I’m working all day.  I might take some time off this afternoon to eat some Thanksgiving teriyaki chicken, but that’s it!  Luckily, I’m drawing robots and hovercraft, so I’m having a good time.  Also beer.


I’m one day into the CTN expo and I can already tell this is a bust for me.  If I’d paid more attention, I would have realized that there’s no portfolio review or interviews with recruiters for anyone who hasn’t already submitted their material ahead of time and reserved a slot.  Oops.  Also, this event is far more for animators than illustrators, which I had suspected, but a few people had told me different.  So, I thought I’d check it out.  Now I know…

In the meantime, here’s a sketch:

Robots out on a Saturday night

Here’s a sketch of a piece I’m working on for my Advanced Perspective class.  I just never really get anough of drawing robots.  I’m headed down to CTN for the weekend, so hopefully I’ll get some goodinspiration and have better drawings when I get back…

When vehicles become characters

One thing I’ve noticed with the development of my story is that it helps to have all your designs done BEFORE you start in on the finished inks. Well, this time I won’t have any inconsistencies when it comes to the hovercraft…

Trust in the robots

So, the assignment was to make friendly, trustworthy robots.  The kind that you can send your kids off with, or give a copy of your house keys to so they can care for your cat while you’re away, or even do that thing where you close your eyes and  fall backwards while they catch you.  Well, I must say, this is a job well done:

Just kidding.  They’re here to kill you.

Comic Book Fashion

She needed a complete design, so here it is.  Mac has a character sheet finally.

It’s in the airducts!

This was for an assignment where the perspective was from below looking up.  Well, there you go.