Monthly Archives: May 2012

I need pressure sensitivity.

The problem with the iPad and its drawing apps is that there’s no pressure sensitivity. So, if I want to do any line variation, I have to keep switching tools at at least sizes of the tools. This may sound like a pretty petty complaint, but there’s also not hot keys, and manfully switching gets pretty tedious. However, I am trying. See:


Traveling trials

As Sarah’s cousin’s wedding gets closer, things get busier. Despite that, I found time to figure out how to sketch on different layers on the portable app. Yay! Oh, and here’s a monkey-bot.


More digital travels

So, while I’m away from home, I decided to try and go without pen and paper and just exist (artistically) with the iPad. I’m using a free copy of Autodesk Sketchbook to do some robots. I still have to get a little more on-the-ball with the features, like the weird handling of layers the app has, but it’s getting more comfortable.


Traveling blog

I’m trying to just use my iPad while traveling for sketching and blogging. This is a rough first attempt.


What the heck is that thing?!

Reach out and grab it

It’s getting to be about that time. Gotta get job applications filled out and sent. Hopefully my reach isn’t as awkward as this ‘bot’s…


Two legs are better than none

I think I’ve already done a ‘bot similar to this, but I like the whole “walker” design. Ever since The Empire Strikes Back, I’ve accepted that large, heavy, metal machines can be easily balanced and coordinated to tramp around on spindly legs.


Is this up already?

Here’s some more color. I redid a cover with some better (I think) inks, and then hastily colored it in time for a print run. I intend to go back and recolor again a little better, but here it is as it now stands.


In artificial living color