I’m tired of the ol’ Sketchbook

Okay, so even though I meant to really only utilize Sketchbook apps on my iPad as I was traveling, I always knew I had the full version on my Macbook.  After trying several versions of the mobile app, I have gone back to my Wacom tablet, attached to the Macbook, using the full Pro version of Sketchbook just to see if the limitations are all in the sensitivity-less iPad or if it’s the Sketchbook product itself.  Of course, it’s always possible that the most important limitations are my experience with the tools or my drawing skills, but let’s assume not for now…

This quick sketch was done with the full Wacom/Macbook/Pro software package, and I’m non too happy.  The interface is different from the iPad/mobile version, and it’s just too hard to use.  I don’t normally get confused when using layers, but here again the awkwardness of the Sketchbook setup saw me again accidentally drawing over my sketchlines in the same layer.


So, if I’ve got my whole setup (Wacom and Macbook), I might as well be using Photoshop.  It’s easier to use and I know it better.  Sorry, Sketchbook.  Guess I’ll keep you around for my iPad…


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