Monthly Archives: September 2012

Website has awesome new image.

Check out this piece I did on this website:

(it’s the drawing of “mother nature” toward the lower right)

Sketches from the next installment

As I get ready for the next issue of Figments, I’m warming up with some drawings of my favorite evil, robot chick.

Portfolio website up

Please check out my main website for more artwork:


Here’s a couple of more sktches I did this past weekend at the SF Zinefest.  It was fun!

Day two at Zinefest

Lots of good stuff and the SF Zinefest.  I may have been the only representative of local robot tales there.

Zinefest robots

Day one at San Francisco’s Zinefest was pretty damn fun.  Lots of positive people checking out cool stuff.  Here’s some robots I drew while selling my “zines” at my table.