Monthly Archives: October 2012

Gotta love them ‘roids

I have a project in the works right now that calls for a lot of asteroids.  Here’s a bunch I worked out yesterday.  I just did them freehand with my favorite brush and some FW acrylic ink.  It was a very Zen experience!  I then vectorized them (this is my new “clean up” procedure) in Illustrator and colored them in good ol’ Photoshop.  I’m very happy with the result.  I realize they may be lacking in a few hard shadows, but the good thing about digital coloring is that if I have a need for such detail later I can add it.

She-bot in action.

Capetti is damaged but still in the game.  Here’s a quick drawing of her in motion, probably going to smash in some evil robot’s awesome, chrome head.

She’s a ho-bot…

As I polish up character designs for the next story, I’m getting pretty happy with the new look for Capetti.  Originally, I wanted her to be very tough and muscled.  After the reader reaction to the first story, though, I’ve decide to make her more petite, in the hopes that the new look comes off as more “feminine”.  So, here’s a preview of the violent, damaged, robot-chick that is Capetti:

Capetti gets her groove back.

For those of you who follow my sci-fi stories from Figments (go to for more details), you saw the character Capetti lose an arm and part of her face in the last installment.  S’alright when you’re actually a robot. Well, she’ll be back soon, and with a surprise…

Here she is out of armor, getting ready to snap into action.  Or maybe she’s contemplating how nice it was to have all one’s appendages… Anyway, I did this sketch while riding home on the train.  I’m pretty sure I scared the elderly lady sitting next to me.  Mission accomplished.

Scott took my spacesuit and went to Mars.

Just messing around in Photoshop today.  Still on a big spacesuit kick…


Quick moon walk

Here’s one I did while on break from class today. I wish I had a spacesuit…

The Sam Garland table.

This was the first year my table at Alternative Press Expo (APE) was called “Sam Garland Illustrations”.  Usually we list it under Sequential Imagery Consortium or Figments, our group and book, respectively. It was a successful weekend, and I met lots o’ cool folks.