Monthly Archives: December 2012

Up to Bat

Working on a commission of Batman.  I don’t normally do traditional comic book heroes or superheroes, but lately I’ve gotten a lot of requests for them.  Some I’ve never even heard of… Anyway, this client wants my interpretation of Batman, and I’ve been wondering just what that is.  I tried some actiony poses, some creepy, moody ones, and I finally realized that my favorite stories of this guy are the ones where he’s being more of the detective and less of the brawler.  I mean, it never makes sense that he has no superpowers but can take multiple blows to he head, dodge bullets, or even swing around like Spiderman.  I like Batman when he’s sneaking around in the dark solving mysteries with his brain.  So, I’m going to draw something where he’s using his skills, not fists, to stop bad guys.  This here sketch is what I’m leaning towards now.

batman sketch

New Eva

So, since finishing up school I’m starting to regain my interest in some of my favorite creators and their creations. Yesterday, I thought, “hey, what the hell was Evangelion about?!” So, I re-watched it, and I think I understand this time! Well, enough to get a little inspired. I think I’m going to design my own Eva, just for fun. How long’s it been since I just drew for fun? Anyway, here’s a little sketch I worked up towards that new design…


Zenbots are go!

I’ve been working on this story with another comics creator.  Drake wrote and I illustrated, built, and animated this interactive illustration.  We created the characters together.

zenbots preview image

A little robot to get by on.

My head is swimming in thoughts and stress from preparing for my final review. For weeks I’ve been drawing, printing, and mounting in anticipation of presenting my thesis next week.

I plan to be back to normal soon, come rain or shine. In the meantime, here’s a robot.