Iron Man at his best.

When I picked up my first Iron Man comic, he was wearing his short-lived red and silver armor.  It was right before the first Armor Wars started, and there was some really awesome art going into the book then.  Anyway, those 30 or so issues of the silver IM were very formative for how I collected comics during my teenage years.

This armor remains one of my favorites.  It’s bulky and a little stiff.  Despite how cool the movie armor is, I could still go for a little more clunkiness in my Iron Man.  So, here’s my take on it.  I used my trusty ol’ Rapidographs for the line work, and the color was done with Copic markers on Canson marker paper.  Those markers really perform uniquely on different brands of paper.  I was really happy with how they blended this time, but I’m really surprised at how different the colors came out from my scanner.  I swear, the original in my hand looks way different!  The colors really separated more.  I like the scan too.


About Sam Garland

Freelance illustrator specializing in science fiction and fantasy artwork.

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