Monthly Archives: February 2013

Get ready for Father Robot!

Check out this image from the upcoming comic, Father Robot.  The story takes place in a future where wars are fought with robots instead of people. The ‘bot in this promo image thinks he’s the father of a little girl, and will do anything to protect her.  Look for the first issue out soon!  The book is illustrated by yours truly and written by comics pro Kristopher White.


I drew this by hand, vectorized it in Illustrator, and then colored it in Photoshop.  I really like the “clean-up” that happens to my line work when it’s vectorized.  Also, it really makes the magic wand  and other tools interact with the artwork better when coloring.

Back to comics

Lately I’ve been working a lot, and not at making comics.  Sadly, the world of comics is not a lucrative one.  At least, not for me.  Not yet.  So, I spend a lot of my time doing other things.  However, I’m trying hard to make sure I get a minimal amount of time each day moving forward with my “true calling”.

Here’s a little warm-up to get me going again.  I’ve found a lot of inspiration recently in drawing my versions of existing characters.  Since the designs already exist, they’re fast to get going on, and fun!  After watching the new Dredd movie, which I really enjoyed, I got some old comics out and really got back into the character.  Did anyone else read Dredd vs. Aliens?  I know, I know, those “vs” books can be real disasters, but this Dredd vs. Aliens is fantastic.  It was great enough to inspire me to tackle drawing a quick treatment of said Judge, anyway.  I inked this with Rapidographs and colored digitally.


Colorful world

It started with some jellyfish at the aquarium, and now I can’t stop messing with my old, cheap set of watercolor paints.  The sea life has been fun to reference, and I’ve spent much of the day experimenting how they interact with my Copic markers and some Pro White.  Some combos and/or procedures are more satisfying than others.  I like the way this krill came out.



Spent a wonderful afternoon at the Monterey Bay Aquarium with my girlfriend today.  My favorite part was the area full of tanks of jellyfish.  It was beautiful and inspiring, and gave me an excuse to break out my new Opaque White watercolor.  The drawing was inked with Rapidographs and the color done with Copics.


What’s cooler than cool?

After doing a couple of commissioned pieces focusing on DC characters, I jut couldn’t stop myself.  Here’s a little bit cleaner version of of Mr./Dr. Freeze, similar to some studies I did earlier.  Again, I like him ’cause he’s very “robot-like”, and I prefer his Batman Animated design.  I did this piece with Rapidographs and Copics, with some hasty digital cleanup…


Na na na na na na na nah… Batman!

I did this one on commission for one of my Kickstarter supporters.  It was one of the incentives.  It’s been a long time since I’ve really set out to draw a “finished” Batman piece, and I’m pretty happy with it.  It actually looks reminiscent of the one I drew 18 years ago, but a little more refined.  I guess my view of Batman has stayed pretty stable over time.  As I’ve said before, I prefer Batman the detective to Batman the superhero.  I’m always more impressed by his ability to break into any building and stay in the shadows over his “abilities” to jump out of the way of bullets or get punched multiple times in the head without consequence.  I inked this with Koh-I-Noor Rapidographs and colored it with Copic Marker.  Some clean-up and enhancement was done digitally with Photoshop.