Monthly Archives: March 2013

What’s the word?

Remember the Exiles?  Remember Thunderbird?  No?  Well, it was an somewhat unappreciated series, but there was lots of potential.

It’s been a little while since I last posted, but I’ve been working hard to get some work done in time for Wondercon.  While I wasn’t able to attend this weekend, some of my material was.  Zing!

This is just a warm-up I did this morning.



Evil robots are among us.

Still working hard on full pages for Father Robot.  I thought you all might like to see a preview of one of the “evil robots” in the story in the meantime, though.  The evil robots have multiple variations, functions, builds, and so on.  Some of them have massive missile pods, some have big sword arms, some have rocket jump-packs, and so on.  This one is supposed to be a scout, with a big sensor pod on his chest.  I think the sensor module kind of looks like a big head, hung low.  I love it when unexpected results like that come about…


Make it so.

This one came about by accident.  I was working on some characters of East Asian ancestry, and when I finished one guy, I sat back and thought, “this guy kind of looks like Captain Picard!”  So, I tweaked him a little.  After a nose enhancement, eye realignment, and a hair modification, he looks more like ol’ Jean Luc on a night in.  At least, I think so.



Who wouldn’t want this guy for a friend?

Here’s another sneak-peak from the upcoming Father Robot comic.  This character is one of those “buddies”.  You know, the comic relief, or perhaps the loyal sidekick who is absolutely willing to sacrifice himself, or maybe even one of those jerks who betrays the hero for a bag of weed.  Anyway, I like the way he looks and so I thought I’d share him.