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Thrill krill cult.

When we visited the Monterey Bay aquarium, I was really struck by how amazing certain sea life looked under black light.  The krill were by far the coolest.  This is another piece I’m producing to sell at my table at BigWOW! next month.  I’m trying to produce these fast and efficiently so I can sell them at low prices and not feel sad about it,



Gotta love those watercolors and Copics…

So cute and cuttlely.

Cuttle fish are the pokemon of the tentacled-monster world.  Still, I would totally love one as a pet.



This sea life was again brought to you by watercolor and Copics.

See what you can sea.

More sea creatures.  I’m hoping to produce some inexpensive options for folks at my table at BigWOW! next month.  So, if you want to come pick up the original piece, make sure and stop by…



I made this with watercolors and Copic markers.

Crossing the Border

Now, I’ve never played Borderlands or Borderlands 2, but I’ve heard it’s awesome.  I do, however, love the concept art from the second game.  It has a great look and style to it all, and it’s very inspiring.  I think this guy (in my below fan-art) is a robot, or at least I’m going to pretend he is.  He’s Zero… I think.


He was drawn using Copic pens and colored with Copic markers.

Get out your needle and thread.

Lately I’ve been having a lot of fun making emblems and logos for the fictitious forces and units of Father Robot.  This one is for the larger military organization that oversees all the “war” efforts in the protagonists’ citadel.

I like it!  I want to get some actual patches made and sew them onto clothes.  I actually have a couple of patches from sci-fi movies on my work jacket (I’m a geologist by day), and it seems to confuse the hell out of people.  So fun…


A dollar twice.

Yes, there’s more Thunderbird for everyone.

In case you don’t remember, ol’ T-bird joined  joined a band of other of Marvel’s misfits to form the Exiles.  They jumped around realities picking fights, killing children, and, every once in a while, dying.  Before Thunderbird went out trying to punch Galactus while his back was turned, he busted out into this really cool “war” mode.  I thought it would make for good coloring practice.

Also, I love the whole “Science!” gag.  If you don’t get it, then you were either born too late or don’t watch the right tv shows.  Just try busting into a room a yelling it once.  You’ll see that you’re now the life of the party…


Ghost Rider 2099

In case you were interested, here’s another drawing of the BEST Ghost Rider concept, Ghost Rider 2099.  I still think this was the best version the publisher ever came up with, and fun to draw too…


Team effort.

I made this logo for one of my fictitious military organizations.  Well, I drew it anyway.  My girlfriend, Sarah, did me the honor of adding her awesome colors on this one.  She got ahold of my Copic markers and went to town.


Jelly Bellies

I keep prepping these pieces of watercolor for drawing little ocean creatures on, and then forgetting about them.  I found this one this morning while looking for some marker paper.  So, I did some quick shapes with my Copic markers and outlining with opaque white, and… ta-da!


Sad lil’ lost ‘bot.

Remember Ghost Rider 2099?!  It was awesome.. well, at least for the first 3 issues or so.  However, it started out with fantastic art, and I absolutely loved the initial design of the GR warbot.  I’ve always meant to come back and just have some of my own sketches of that particular robot in my sketchbook.  So, here’s one I did the other day.  I’ve never been into the whole paranormal aspect of Ghost Rider, and GR 2099 went in a totally different direction, involving the internet, paramilitary operations, and government conspiracies.  I think if Ghost Rider now had more of what Ghost Rider 2099 had back then (this series came out in the early 90’s), I’d be picking it up.