Sad lil’ lost ‘bot.

Remember Ghost Rider 2099?!  It was awesome.. well, at least for the first 3 issues or so.  However, it started out with fantastic art, and I absolutely loved the initial design of the GR warbot.  I’ve always meant to come back and just have some of my own sketches of that particular robot in my sketchbook.  So, here’s one I did the other day.  I’ve never been into the whole paranormal aspect of Ghost Rider, and GR 2099 went in a totally different direction, involving the internet, paramilitary operations, and government conspiracies.  I think if Ghost Rider now had more of what Ghost Rider 2099 had back then (this series came out in the early 90’s), I’d be picking it up.


About Sam Garland

Freelance illustrator specializing in science fiction and fantasy artwork.

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