Monthly Archives: May 2013

Morph, not a robot.

He could be, though.  I like the use of the character of Morph in The Exiles.  He has the potential to be one of the most-powerful mutants ever, but he mostly provides comic-relief in the stories.  I think, with his shape-shifting powers, that he’s very cleverly used.  He almost never changes shape in the panel, but instead he looks totally different from panel-to-panel, providing some much-needed visual “surprises” in comics.  Here I’ve got him morphing in-between a couple of different ideas.  The Thing hand is my favorite, and the whole reason I wanted to draw him today.  For some reason, the combination of hula skirt with the goat legs really creeps me out.


Riding again.

You may recognize this drawing from an earlier post.  I just did a quick color-pass with Copics to add a little zest.  I mean it when I say “quick”, ’cause I know it’s not perfect.  My favorite thing about Ghost Rider 2099 is that the flames around his head are supposed to be holographic.