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Space Mustache

Living near and working in San Francisco, I see a lot of different people presenting themselves in different ways.  Whether I think they look ridiculous or not, I’ve always liked that I live in a place where people can be so comfortable in their “own skin”. If I could get away with wearing a spacesuit around every day of my life, I would.  It just feels right.  Anyway, in celebration of a special day today, here’s what I might look like if I had the resources to build my own awesome rig… and if I had a mustache.


A little more Father Robot

You may recognize the line work of this one from another post or website.  It’s one of my favorite Father Robot drawings from issue #1.  I had this extra printout of it sitting near by drawing table, so I got out my Copics and took to the line work for a little coloring practice.  I meant to try a new variation on FR’s standard design, but he actually ended up a little bit more muted than normal.  I still had fun…


Do the Robot!

I’ve been messing with some different marker brands to see how they compare.  Half of the coloring/value on this little doodle was done with Copics and the other done with Faber-Castell brush pens.  Can you tell which is which?


End verdict: Copics kick ass.


More time for sketching

I recently started a new job.  This job is in an office, as opposed to my last job, which was mostly outdoors, trying not to get killed…  Anyway, I really enjoy that the new setting provides me with more opportunities to get some drawing done.  Here’s a little robot I sketched while I had some down time.  I hope to get a lot more accomplished now.


Celebrate good times.

So, the first issue of Father Robot just cam back from being lettered and it looks awesome!  Well, that may seem immodest, since I drew the line work.  So, maybe I should say that Adam Pruett did an awesome job lettering.  The next step is getting the book back from the printer, which will hopefully happen in time to get it on the table at Comicon…


In celebration of this momentous step, please enjoy this little head-shot of a robot with nostrils from my sketchbook.


Spending some time with the family.

The below line work from Father Robot #1 represents the last week or so for me, since we finished the artwork for the book.  I’ve got a list of projects that need immediate attention, but I just can’t seem to keep the momentum going.  I need a break.  Maybe I’ll start up again today… or tomorrow.


Anyway, I may not have a cute little girl or giant robot at my picnic, but luckily I do get to spend my time with the wonderful woman.

Work lessons

Over the past few weeks I drew a lot of comic book pages, which required drawing the same characters over and over again.  These two guys were featured again and again.  One of them I felt really good about and the other I felt like I could never seem to get quite right.  Can you guess which one is which?


I’ve always believed that when an artist is enjoying a drawing, that enjoyment comes through in the piece itself.  So, I think you can tell when a character is fun for an artist to draw and when one’s a chore.



New advancements in awesomeness

This new ad will be featured in Father Robot #1, but I thought you might like to get a sneak peak here.

Fall Forward is my solo project I’m desperately trying to find time for.  It’s going to be about killer robots and distressed people in space suits.  I’m created a couple of short stories in the Fall Forward world already.  Those were featured in the ongoing anthology student-publication Figments.


A little time off

I haven’t posted in over in month, but it’s not for lack of something to post.  The comic I’m collaborating on with Kristopher White for Comicon, Father Robot, is ready to go, and that’s because I’ve been doing little else but work on it since the beginning of May.  I even quit my day job to focus on it entirely for a while.  Well, it’s done.  I hired a colorist (the wonderful Jenny Gosk) and Kristopher hired a letterer and now the book is going out to the printer.  So, I should have some time off to work on a few other projects.  While I get some artwork together for such promised things, check out some line work from Father Robot #1.