There’s a Golden Path to take…

If you’ve ever looked at the work I produce, you might have guessed that I’m a big fan of sci-fi.  One of my favorite series ever is Frank Herbert’s Dune novels.  I think they’re just neat.  And while I won’t dispute the total perfect, supremacy of the first novel, I often think my favorite might actually be the fourth, God Emperor of Dune.  The evolved proto-worm Leto II is a fantastic character, being a blend of social philosopher, mystic leader, and monster.  I’ve read the book countless times, and I never get tired of it.

I’ve tried to draw my interpretation of Leto II, the God Emperor, many times over the years, and I’m rarely happy with what I end up with.  This one’s the closest to what I see in my mind’s eye when I read the novel yet.  I kind of think that he’d look better with a more “cavernous mouth” of a head, but this drawing is according to the description in the book.  I admit that the arms are a little larger than what Frank Herbert described, but every time I draw them smaller, it just doens’ look right…

Ultimately, this last of the Ducal line of Atreides was a tragic character, sacrificing himself to the Golden Path for the sake of all humanity, and I think he’s best portrayed looking regal and serene.  I like his monstrous profile for inspiring my imagination.


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Freelance illustrator specializing in science fiction and fantasy artwork.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your illustration. I’m a big Dune fan, too. A few years ago I set out to read all the books in the Dune series, starting from the very first one, and even reread the three or four books that I already read in my younger years. That’s a nice interpretation of Leto II.

  2. Thanks! The God Emperor is a hard look to nail down. I’m still working on getting it right.

    The original Dune series I reread once every couple of years myself. It’s so complex and well-written that I feel like there’s always some new-found aspect to it that I can enjoy.

    I see the representatives of Frank Herbert’s works at conventions every so often, and they claim to be very interested in seeing some modern graphic novel-adaptations of the books. I hope to see that happen someday…

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