It’s a good fit.

There’s some new stuff coming up just over the horizon.

First up, after finding a surplus of sheets of vellum from my ol’ school days that I had forgotten about, I started going through my sketchbook and finding some promising rough pencils sketches to “redraw”.  I’ve started laying the vellum over those sketches and tracing out what I see (sometimes quite vague) with technical pens.  The results have been really satisfying.  They’re all clean and inked and one of a kind!  Here’s one I did today while eating a sandwich that wasn’t mine:


I’ve discovered that I really like drawing nerdy, neckless characters.  They’re fun and hard to mess up.  This guy looks like he hates it when his job requires him to leave his lab, especially to go into horrible, deadly, hostile environments.

Second, there’s a big announcement this week about the future of Father Robot.  Since I don’t want to scoop my own comic’s press, I’ll not give nay big hints, but please check back in soon for some great new developments!

About Sam Garland

Freelance illustrator specializing in science fiction and fantasy artwork.

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