In case you wanted more…

This spacesuit may seem familiar to you.  It’s being revisited here as a post for a couple of reasons. A) I took my Copic markers to the line work to may it pop and dazzle with technicolor. And secondly (see what I did there), I’ve become preoccupied with the idea that all my concept drawings of characters are facing the  same direction, so I flipped him.

Also, I figured folks might want the chance to follow my artistic inclinations on Facebook as well as the ever-so-wonderful WordPress.  So, I’ve started a Facebook page that will have new and exciting illustrated developments.  If you’re interested enough to check out that manifestation of Sam Garland Illustrations in addition to this blog, then you’ll be happy to know I plan on putting up some work that is exclusive just to that website.



In the future (or alternative-timeline present), the Egyptian space program will use armored suits that look like this.

About Sam Garland

Freelance illustrator specializing in science fiction and fantasy artwork.

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