Can you help me?

Often, at work in my “cubicle”, I am asked to help people.  Sometimes these are genuine, everyday folks who are just trying to cut through some red tape, pay their bills, and have a few minutes in the day to enjoy doing  what they find themselves on the planet to do.  More often, though, I find myself confronted by the spoiled children of affluent monsters who, despite all they’ve been spoon-fed in their lives, just want me to make life easier on them for no reason except that they believe they are entitled to everything.  When these turds darken my doorstep, I ignore them and draw spacemen:

space guy

I intend to color this guy later, but I thought you all, who would never bother me with entitled-attitudes and bad breath, might enjoy a little peak at the line work.  I don’t know why drawing people in space suits scratches that proverbial itch, the one that opens my eyes at 3am and also compels me to also draw robots, but it does.

About Sam Garland

Freelance illustrator specializing in science fiction and fantasy artwork.

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