Unwanted “friends”

I choose to walk about two miles to work every day, and then repeat at the end of my long, sad day. On my way to and from, I pass a lot(!) of homeless folks on the streets on San Francisco.  I go far out of my to avoid the Tenderloin when possible, but these folks are pretty much everywhere here, and so rarely do I cross an entire city block with encountering one.  Most are focused on something else when I happen by, but sometimes I end up being the most-interesting thing in their field of vision, and so, against my will, I make new “friends”.  This usually just results in a lot of yelling, but occasionally they manage to get in close and I’m forced to wash some unidentifiable substance off my jacket or shirt.  I jokingly refer to these people as “hobos”, but that sounds a little too charming. Make no mistake, there’s nothing endearing about the individuals who assault me.

My point is, I see a lot of hobos.  And, while most are not actually wearing flour sacks like this guy, their features have become burned into my mental reference files.


I don’t know what to use this guy for yet.  Maybe another character in a comic?  Overbites are fun to draw…

About Sam Garland

Freelance illustrator specializing in science fiction and fantasy artwork.

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