Monthly Archives: December 2013

Happy Happy…

To everyone who has been wonderful enough to show interest in my artwork, thank you and I hope you have fantastically enjoyable holiday season.



I don’t know how many of you who read this blog are also artists, or of those how many are comic book artists, or of those how many, like me, try to deliver a monthly book while working a full-time job doing something non-illustrative (and therefore pointless) all day, but you may now know that my life is frakin’ crazy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love making comic books.  I’ve tried not doing it, and that’s just horrible.  So, no matter what else I have to do to pay the bills, fend off monsters, or put food in my mouth (also something I love), I’m happy as long as I get to draw a robot every day.  However, I’m really tired trying to keep it together.  So far I am, though, and I anticipate issue #2 of Father Robot coming out on-schedule.  I do feel a little like my favorite lovable-bot in this panel from FR’s next chapter…



Like a hapless lab assistant stumbling out of a time-machine, I suddenly find myself in the month of December.  I’d like to say my massive-productively at the drawing table has made me lose track of time, but then I would be a liar as well quick-witted.  No.

I’ve been unreasonably sick and preoccupied over the past few weeks, though, and that has caused me to lose track of the dates.  I also went on an epic, cross-country roadtrip to see family and harass grand canyons.  During that time I was able to do a little sketching, which did help me make some progress getting the next issue out.

Check out the concept for the mobile lab to be featured heavily in upcoming chapters of Father Robot.


Although my own little rental car wasn’t as cool as this, we did survive the trip and continue to love giant robots.