Sketchy guns

Who likes sketches?  Here’s a look inside my compact, little sketchbook I carry around with me.  They’re supposed to be an artillery gun needed for the story in Father Robot issue #3.  At first I was going for a spidery-looking vehicle that could kind of crawl around the hillsides, firing on our intrepid hero.  It occurred to me that not only was that going to be a real headache to draw with the story needs, but that such a design would not be practical for a powerful gun.

This sketch is very close to what I actually ended up using.  In fact, I took the concept phase no further once I had these sketches on the page.  It looks like it might be able to walk (or at least waddle) around, but could keep its footing when that powerful canon is fired.  If you look closely you can see FR, a lil’ person,  and a Southern Forces robot standing off to the side for scale.  A human should be able to climb up and stand in that glass canopy in the front.


arillery gun

About Sam Garland

Freelance illustrator specializing in science fiction and fantasy artwork.

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