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Football Robot

So, I’ve decided this is Father Robot during his little-known high school football years.  Here we have him executing some deft maneuver before catching the pass to score the winning touchdown, bringing the home team victory over the evil town just to the south…

Anyway, this is FR with a little variation in design.  There different elements to him here than in the comic, and the colors are all changed.  My favorite are the wings upside the head.

I worked the pencils for this at Emerald City Comicon, the inks at Wondercon, and then added the colors and value with my treasured Copic collection this week at home (and at work).  At first, I was sure this drawing was a lost cause, as I didn’t really like where it was going in the sketch phase(s), but I like how it’s turned out.  You never know what a piece can turn in to if you give it a little love.


Playing with skeletons.

With all the robot-themed work going on these days, I’ve felt very starved for the spacesuit stuff that I was working on earlier in the year.  So, here’s a fun one I did to just let my creativity wander around for a bit.  Whether it was Ghost Rider, He-Man, BPRD, or an old Scooby-Doo episode, there’s always been something both terrifying and amazingly cool about the floating skull character.  I love any design with that particular mystery-feature.  I also love the idea of putting it in a spacesuit.  Maybe it’s a ghost and the suit keeps the whole thing together, maybe the suit is containing something, keeping it from getting out, or maybe it’s just some awesome piece of technology putting on a show or hiding the real wearer.


skull suit

When robots attack…

Wondercon was fun.  I admit, my feelings were hurt when the event abandoned San Francisco under obvious, false pretenses, but having been down to experience the setup in Anaheim, I admit it’s better off there.  The convention hall there is amazing, the hotels a few hundred feet away, and, best of all, food trucks were everywhere.  No more over-priced bagel dogs for me!  Seriously, the food trucks made that con.

So, I had a great time, but I have the feeling that was my last Wondercon as an exhibitor.  It was just too expensive for the sales that came back and I’ve been having a better time at smaller cons.  I met some great folks there, though, and that alone made it worthwhile.  Also, our friends were down there with us, and that made for a great vacation.

While at the table, I got some fun drawings done.  Here’s one:




Back behind the table

Back behind the table

It seems like I just left Emerald City Con, but here I am packing up to head back to another comic convention. This time we’re going south, to Anaheim, for Wondercon. I haven’t been to Wondercon since it left San Francisco three or four years ago. I’m very curious to see what it’s like…
Come by the Artist Alley, table AA-234, to see what’s new in my world(s)!

Northwest passage

Not only did I survive the journey to and from the Pacific Northwest, but I had a great time seeing old friends, drinking at new breweries, and hanging out at my table at Emerald City Comicon.

The folks putting the convention on were some of the most-thoughtful in the business and even had “minions” on the convention room floor bringing water to the exhibitors, watching the tables during bathroom breaks, and in general spreading warmth and cheer.  So, a special thanks to Lauren, the minion for my area.  She kept us sane and hydrated.

I picked up commissions, sold lots of books, and got the word out about Father Robot.  Along the way I made some new friends, destroyed old enemies, and made the world a better place.

1898913_616714655063309_969163104_oMy table-neighbor, Eric Lofgren, is a fantastic artist and fun to hang out with. 1974418_616714511729990_1623337316_o Brian Schirmer is a dangerously-talented creator, and should be feared… 1265112_616714548396653_176161403_o 10004004_616714605063314_2033137893_n

I’ll definitely be back next year.