Beneath the helmet.

One of the biggest hurdles to humans traveling the stars is radiation.  Unless we’re willing to line our spaceships with lead, all our interplanetary travelers will be continuously subject to high doses of cosmic energy.  I guess one way to keep people safe would be… better space suits!

To that end , I have set out to design the perfect cover for those poor, over-exposed solar sailors.  If you look through this blog you’ll see some of my better concepts.  However, this is not one of them:


As you can see, this unfortunate astronaut seems to gotten the worse of it somewhere.  I was afraid to ask him whether the seals failed, letting in zero gee flames, or maybe the radiation protection wasn’t thorough enough.  Either way, I’m afraid he’s suffered…

Still alive, though!

About Sam Garland

Freelance illustrator specializing in science fiction and fantasy artwork.

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  1. Good fun. Science fan, here.

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