Spring fashion

If this suit looks familiar, it’s because it was an early design for the suit Cody Hagman and I are using to do out Garman Hagland project, which, in case you were wondering, has many more awesome images to come soon.

I’ve been in a bit of a dry spell lately due to melodramatic changes in my life.  However, things are beginning to stabilize, thanks to friends like Cody, and I’m promising more unbelievably soon.

Until then, enjoy more sketches, unused designs, and just random stuff like this.


I wanted to make a suit that was decidedly feminine in shape, but still somewhat realistic.  To that end , I originally put more padding on this concept.  Ultimately, I trimmed it down more (too much?) in order to show off her curves more, but I still think this one has its charms.

This was done with more technical pens from my favorite brand, Copic.

About Sam Garland

Freelance illustrator specializing in science fiction and fantasy artwork.

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  1. your detail and concept serve a beautiful purpose. I do agree with you when you say you trimmed her waist down too much. The ratio from waist to hip reminds me of the disney princesses and there are many articles slamming disney for portraying womens’ bodies in such imagined figure and the effects it has on our perception of beauty in a women. but really, your linework’s efficient and clean and so pleasing to my eyes!

  2. Thanks do much for the kind words, and I agree with the critique. I might go back and fix those waists. Things like that drive me crazy after-the-fact.

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