Between the lines.

No matter how many times I study reference books, go to a live model study, or just look at my favorite artists’ work, I always end up slipping back into my old patterns of drawing folds.  Those standard clothing fold that happen with all tight, hipster garb, regular fitted clothing, loose, oversize idiot-wear, or even the occasional spacesuit have some definite rules to follow.  I can’t help but ignore some of them.  So, I try to constantly retain myself with what clothing does on certain limbs, joints, body types, tension points, and all that jazz.  It’s a losing battle.  If I don’t keep up on it, i always revert back to bad habits.

Anyway, here was a warm-up space suit I did this morning, trying to get my folds focused.

Spacesuit 5

I used a Copic drawing pen.  I love the feel of the thing, but the one I bought has the most inconsistent ink flow of any tool I own.  Sigh…

About Sam Garland

Freelance illustrator specializing in science fiction and fantasy artwork.

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  1. Folds are my enemy, glad I’m not the only one who finds them irksome! This is ace by the way and your folds look on point to me! 😊

  2. Thanks! I appreciate the kind words. I think folds are something that will always drive me nuts and the “right” rendering of feel just out of reach. That’s okay, though, as the pursuit of it better drawing keeps me motivated.

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