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Clawing your way to the top.

Work continues on the new issues of Father Robot.  Check out this sneak-peak from Issue #3.  Is this the end for our hero?


Zenbots are go!

I’ve been working on this story with another comics creator.  Drake wrote and I illustrated, built, and animated this interactive illustration.  We created the characters together.

zenbots preview image

Agent Stein returns

I’m working on a story about a wet-behind-the-ears FBI agent investigating a haunting.  Sounds VERY X-Files, I know, but there’s plenty of twists that make it stand out, I promise.  I’m thinking of going slightly more cartoony with the art this time.  If for no other reason, I need a break from what I’ve been doing…

Agent Stein is modeled after my friend Joe, who always  looks snazzy in a suit.

I love drawing dinosaurs.

I can’t decide if I like the linework better alone or with color.

It’s seldom seen but it’s never heard…

The real Buzzy.

Here’s another drawing of Buzzy.  This is what she looks like when I’m not on the patio.

Cute when angry

This is Buzzy.  She and her thug friends have laid claim to my patio.

Neither buffalo nor bison


Get it?

I pinch?

It’s the Crabshoe Horse! Guaranteed to make your stroll along the beach a living nightmare.