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When robots attack…

Wondercon was fun.  I admit, my feelings were hurt when the event abandoned San Francisco under obvious, false pretenses, but having been down to experience the setup in Anaheim, I admit it’s better off there.  The convention hall there is amazing, the hotels a few hundred feet away, and, best of all, food trucks were everywhere.  No more over-priced bagel dogs for me!  Seriously, the food trucks made that con.

So, I had a great time, but I have the feeling that was my last Wondercon as an exhibitor.  It was just too expensive for the sales that came back and I’ve been having a better time at smaller cons.  I met some great folks there, though, and that alone made it worthwhile.  Also, our friends were down there with us, and that made for a great vacation.

While at the table, I got some fun drawings done.  Here’s one:




The Lost Edition

Here’s the end-result of my custom remake of an old Nancy Drew cover.  I didn’t try to replicate the illustration skills of those talented cover artists before me, but tried to put a new spin on an old concept and do it in my style.  I’m pretty happy with the result.  Although, I do wish the composition was a little bit closer to the initial sketch/study.


As you can probably tell that, after finishing it, I traveled back in time and left it in a public library, just so it would get that worn-in, well-loved, dog-earred look to it. Sweet.

Mystery Solved

Here’s a sketch for a commission I did last week.  The commission was for a new cover to an old book, one of the Nancy Drew mysteries from the 40’s.  I’ve never read any of those books, but I think the client valued that, and wanted meet to produce something similar to the old covers that had come before, in my style, though.

It was an interesting project.  I felt challenged by the genre, as I normally work in the world of sci-fi or fantasy, and I suddenly found myself trying to clearly portray hairdos from a log-ego era.  Also, I found myself in the situation where the first-pass sketch, shown here, kind of nailed the composition I was going for, but didn’t translate exactly to the final piece, which I might put up at a later date.

Ultimately, it was a lot of fun, I I put far more time and effort into the end product than I meant to, just because I was enjoying myself.



Batman takes a break.


While at APE last weekend, I was able to pick up a couple of lucrative commissions. A couple of folks just wanted quick sketches, though, and this is one of them.

“Batman with a bloody nose, smoking a cigar” was the request, and I tried my darnedest to deliver. It was a pretty fun idea, actually.  Sarah was able to snap a quick photo of the sketch before it was borne away by its new owner.  The hardest thing about commissions is letting go…

Lost and Found

Just found this one on someone else’s blog:




Which is awesome, because usually when I do commissions I never see them again.  So yay!

Thanks, Tom, for the commission, letting me part of your incredible project, and for posting these drawings.


Also, everyone going to APE ( this weekend should stop by table 907 more illustrated awesomeness…


Last night mission Comics & Art hosted a gallery show opening, which featured my work from recent comics I’ve self-published. It was a fantastically fun event, with lots of friends, well-wishers, and interested comics fans showing up and sharing in the good times.

Leef, the owner of Mission Comics & Art, was a fantastic host. He took these photos from the event:




Happy Birthday, Brady!

So, I’m a day late posting this, but this one’s for Old Man Brady.  Happy birthday, buddy!


The Robot Life

Mission Comics in San Francisco is featuring some artwork of mine in September.  There’s going to be some awesome original pages and illustrations from Father Robot and Fall Forward on display as well as copies of Father Robot #1 available for purchase. If you’re around, please join me and other comic fans for the opening on September 7th.  It’s going to be at the gallery in Mission: Comics and Art, the greatest comic shop and art gallery in all of SF!


The Robot Life    

Art and Comics from Illustrator Sam Garland (that’s me!)

Mission: Comics and Art

3520 20th St. Suite B

Sam Francisco, CA 94110



What’s cooler than cool?

After doing a couple of commissioned pieces focusing on DC characters, I jut couldn’t stop myself.  Here’s a little bit cleaner version of of Mr./Dr. Freeze, similar to some studies I did earlier.  Again, I like him ’cause he’s very “robot-like”, and I prefer his Batman Animated design.  I did this piece with Rapidographs and Copics, with some hasty digital cleanup…


Na na na na na na na nah… Batman!

I did this one on commission for one of my Kickstarter supporters.  It was one of the incentives.  It’s been a long time since I’ve really set out to draw a “finished” Batman piece, and I’m pretty happy with it.  It actually looks reminiscent of the one I drew 18 years ago, but a little more refined.  I guess my view of Batman has stayed pretty stable over time.  As I’ve said before, I prefer Batman the detective to Batman the superhero.  I’m always more impressed by his ability to break into any building and stay in the shadows over his “abilities” to jump out of the way of bullets or get punched multiple times in the head without consequence.  I inked this with Koh-I-Noor Rapidographs and colored it with Copic Marker.  Some clean-up and enhancement was done digitally with Photoshop.