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Last of the Strange drawings.

Okay, after this one, I’ve got Adam Strange out of my system for a while.  I needed one more with some digital colors, and now I’m done…


As Strange as before.

Yeah, I know.  I already posted this drawing, but I colored this one with colored pencils.  I rarely use colored pencils, and I’m trying to figure out if there’s any advantage to them over my Copic markers.  So far, I don’t like them as much…


Strange science

My favorite DC character is a little-appreciated one.  Adam Strange was a Buck Rogers/Flash Gordon-type character who uses science to solve problems, and then uncontrollably zaps back to Earth before he can have sex with his alien girlfriend.  Back home, he was basically Indiana Jones, running all over the ends of the world in order to catch the next beam to the cosmos. What a frustrated hero!

I inked the line work with my trusty Raphael brush, but the colors came from an old set of “Manga” markers I found at the bottom of an art supply drawer.