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How do we do it?!

Cody Hagman and I are working on a new project. You’ve seen a few things I’ve been working on for it, but I thought folks might enjoy seeing the steps it takes for us working together.

Working relationships are hard.

I know another artist, Cody Hagman, that I am fortunate enough to have a long-time working relationship with. We’ve co-edited and published together, moved work each other’s way, and collaborated on some of the pieces I’m proudest of.

This is an amazing thing! I’ve you’ve ever had to work with an artist, you might be aware that we can be… odd, at times. Sometimes, we just don’t get along with others:

Anyway. I’m glad to have a friend like Cody to make cool artwork with.

Spring fashion

If this suit looks familiar, it’s because it was an early design for the suit Cody Hagman and I are using to do out Garman Hagland project, which, in case you were wondering, has many more awesome images to come soon.

I’ve been in a bit of a dry spell lately due to melodramatic changes in my life.  However, things are beginning to stabilize, thanks to friends like Cody, and I’m promising more unbelievably soon.

Until then, enjoy more sketches, unused designs, and just random stuff like this.


I wanted to make a suit that was decidedly feminine in shape, but still somewhat realistic.  To that end , I originally put more padding on this concept.  Ultimately, I trimmed it down more (too much?) in order to show off her curves more, but I still think this one has its charms.

This was done with more technical pens from my favorite brand, Copic.

Father Robot tries self awareness.

Issue #3 is just about ready for mass consumption.  In this chapter, FR comes face-to-face with the reality of his identity, and both he and Reggie have to make sense of the robot’s truth of existence.  What will Clarabelle do?  Can they all escape becoming casualties of war?!


I collaborated with the mega-talented Cody Hagman on this one.  I did the line work and Cody brought life to the drawing with awesome, digital colors.