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Putting this suit on again.

Remember this suit?  Well, here it is again… in color!  I got some new Copic markers, and I felt compelled to use the new hues on some line work I had ready and begging for attention.  I don’t know what it is about Copics, but I have a very serious addiction to adding to my reasonable collection.  I don’t really need more, and I can undoubtedly produce these same colors digitally, but I get a real satisfaction in looking through the available variations or mass-produced, imported markers, emptying out my bank account, and them laying them out on paper and basking in the subtle differences.  Anyway, I got a bunch on new yellow-greens this week, so, here you go:



After looking at this, though, I realize I need more varieties of yellow-reds.  So, I either go by some or start loosing sleep…

The man with no neck.

Zander is my favorite character from Father Robot to draw.  I never realized how a big fat head just floppin’ around on shoulders is not only easy but fun to illustrate.  This is especially important when you have to draw a character over and over again.

I did this little doodle while hiding from people at work…


The Lost Edition

Here’s the end-result of my custom remake of an old Nancy Drew cover.  I didn’t try to replicate the illustration skills of those talented cover artists before me, but tried to put a new spin on an old concept and do it in my style.  I’m pretty happy with the result.  Although, I do wish the composition was a little bit closer to the initial sketch/study.


As you can probably tell that, after finishing it, I traveled back in time and left it in a public library, just so it would get that worn-in, well-loved, dog-earred look to it. Sweet.

In case you wanted more…

This spacesuit may seem familiar to you.  It’s being revisited here as a post for a couple of reasons. A) I took my Copic markers to the line work to may it pop and dazzle with technicolor. And secondly (see what I did there), I’ve become preoccupied with the idea that all my concept drawings of characters are facing the  same direction, so I flipped him.

Also, I figured folks might want the chance to follow my artistic inclinations on Facebook as well as the ever-so-wonderful WordPress.  So, I’ve started a Facebook page that will have new and exciting illustrated developments.  If you’re interested enough to check out that manifestation of Sam Garland Illustrations in addition to this blog, then you’ll be happy to know I plan on putting up some work that is exclusive just to that website.



In the future (or alternative-timeline present), the Egyptian space program will use armored suits that look like this.

One of these things are not like the other…

While at Zinefest last weekend, someone asked me what I learned from drawing the same characters over and over again (while making comics).  The first thing that came to mind was something along the lines of “I got really comfortable drawing hands”.  So, I think it’s funny that these sketches I did, probably while saying  that line, both have really terrible renderings of hands in them.  Oh well. Everyone knows I’m a tragically powerful jinx.

These are some quick takes on Reggie, from Father Robot.  I think I like the jumpsuit better than the pants.  Just like in real life…


Happy Birthday, Brady!

So, I’m a day late posting this, but this one’s for Old Man Brady.  Happy birthday, buddy!


On the move.

I learned a lot from my interactions with comics fans, publishers, distributors, writers, and other illustrators this past weekend.  Most importantly, I learned more about what I need to do next to accomplish my career goals in comics.  I think fast, efficient work is going to be very important for me in the very near future.  In the spirit of such things, here’s a sketch I did fast and furiously while at the table, using the broad side tip of a Copic marker.


Free sketches!

Normally I try to charge for sketches at con tables.  I do this because, in the past, I’ve found that if I open it to the concept of free sketches I quickly find myself drawing all day to the neglect of my table.  I set out to charge at Comicon this year, but I discovered that with Kristopher doing all the work bringing people over to the table and talking about the books, I had time to draw and draw and draw.  And so, I did quite a few sketches for people who asked, and quite a few for myself.  Here’s one, done at the table with Copic markers.


Comicon hangover

I just flew back from San Diego, and, boy, are my arms tired.  Ha.  Ha.

It was a great week, but I am exhausted.  More about what all went down later, but for now, check out this sketch I did at the table.



Space Mustache

Living near and working in San Francisco, I see a lot of different people presenting themselves in different ways.  Whether I think they look ridiculous or not, I’ve always liked that I live in a place where people can be so comfortable in their “own skin”. If I could get away with wearing a spacesuit around every day of my life, I would.  It just feels right.  Anyway, in celebration of a special day today, here’s what I might look like if I had the resources to build my own awesome rig… and if I had a mustache.