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Traveling in color.

Just working on some more concepts of vehicles for the ol’ comic book series.  In addition to the mobile lab, the story calls for a whole mess of vehicles in a para-militaristic convoy of sorts.  So, I thought some jeep-like ATVs might go well with that big truck.  What I was going for was a simple concept that would serve to have components that could be switched out/added on to and such.  Here’s there’s a roll-bar, but there just as easily have an anti-bullet bubble, like the one the pope can create, an armored metal-plate hardtop, or maybe a wench on the front.  Mounted-machine guns, anyone?


There’s a few characters sketched-in for scale.  I did the line work by hand, but the colors were added in Photoshop.

Next, I need to come up some mobile barracks for when the convoy stops at the local equivalent of a KOA.  I should probably finish working on the comic book pages first.