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Getting ready… for action!

Like a bolt out of the blue, the desire to create and produce new artwork just comes back. I've been wanting to draw for some time, but wanting to and feeling compelled to are different things. Life gets busy, priorities can change, and time becomes a thief. However, when that itch finds its way under your skin, there's nothing for it except to start scratching…

Dress for success.

I’m trying to wind myself up for a new project.  It involves lots of spacesuits, robots, and ruined, industrial sci-fi settings.  Really, everything I love in life… imaginary life.

One of the most-difficult ongoing struggles I face is finding enough time to draw.  The last year has been so busy, I’m thinking about not taking on more freelance commissions for the near future, at least until I’ve finished drawing a few things that have been waiting for a while now and are pounding at the door on my conscience.

Enough of that, you came here for the drawing, right?  So, here’s a little sketch I cleaned up to get the juices flowing.  It’s going to be on the table for that upcoming project.  More on that soon…



I’m sick.  I hate being sick.

It’s nice to get a day off of work, but it sucks to not being able to do much with it.  I have a comfy bed, though, and lots of books that need reading.  So, I should be alright.

Drawing is not something I do well when I don’t feel well, but blogging doesn’t require much energy and I do have a little drawing from this weekend that I thought worth sharing.

This is for a friend who broke her arm recently.  It’s based off a mascot that she cares a lot about, and I thought she might like a little cyber-zombie treatment to make the bull a little more interesting.  I don’t think I can transfer this to a cast (on the arm), but it might make for some good nightmare-fuel while healing.




What are you, some kind of half-assed astronaut?

Living in San Francisco meant I was one of thousands of artists roaming the city, often subtly (or not at all) drawing their fellow citizens, especially on the BART.  It’s a little bit harder to sneak in a drawing of someone sitting nearby in Oklahoma City.  People tend to notice and get weirded out much faster here.  I guess artists aren’t quite as accepted here as they are on the West Coast…

Anyway, this guy was actually dressed quite nicely for work when I made him a quick-study subject at lunch this week.  I added the spacesuit because… well, because spacesuits are more-interesting than collared shirts.


I lied

It was a New Years goal of mine to draw more and post often.  Life has a funny way of getting in the way of even the most honest intentions, though.  Things change, circumstances are not always what they appeared to be at first, and new opportunities come about.  So… let’s try it again.  Here I am, promising myself more work forthcoming.

Here’s a cute little spacesuit to keep one from dying horribly in strange places.

2016-05-01 09.30.15

The new year.

Hey!  Busy, busy, busy.  I’m determined to get more posts out, though.  Lately I’ve been working like a madman and sleeping very little.  The weeks fly by and I find myself nearly into the second month of 2016 already, with no real recollection of what happened to the month of January.  I still find myself thinking of what I’m going to accomplish in the new year, and then realizing I’m well into it.  Accomplish I have, though!  Most excitingly, the printing (finally) of issue #3 of Father Robot.  I’ve been waiting for the publisher to put out the digital version, to no avail.  I have no idea what’s going on there…

Anyway, in the spirit of all things FR, here’s a sketch from way-back in the development days of the series.  I don’t know why he has no arm.


I’ve got to get back to work, but I hope you enjoy the drawing and please feel free to drop me a line here or at sam@samgarlandillustrations… especially if you’d like to acquire a copy of the new issue!

Amongst the ruins

The as-yet unnamed heroine of the Garman Hagland project is getting closer to that far-off city.  It looks like there’s been some trouble in the past, though.


Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids.

More good times on Mars for our gal in a space suit.  This piece probably should have come prior to the one we posted first, but who’s counting?

If you like the preview here, be sure to check out more, including the sweet colored version, at Cody‘s and my new site, Garman Hagland.


Check out the rock on her.

Currently I’m trying to bring about this collaborative project with fellow artist, Cody Hagman. Cody is an amazing artist, great to work with, an one of my closest friends. He also loves to color and paint, which is something that, while I do enjoy it, I just have not time for. Since Cody loves to color (and he’s better at it), we thought we’d team up to try and create some of the best pages we possibly can. To that end, we’ve got a website going up and have started creating pages. We want to try and do one a week.

If you’re interested, please check back here, on my blog, for more details soon, but I thought I might whet everyone’s appetite with a preview from the first page.


I used to be a geologist, and that has left me with a real desire to draw rocks. I don’t know what it is about rocks, but I just love ’em. So, I placed our first subject on the surface of Mars, where there’s lots of good rocky surfaces to portray. Even more than rocks, I love to draw space suits. I spent a lot of time on the design for this particular suit, as I needed it to be perfect for this project, which will see it featured a lot.

Beware what you wear.

I’m not sure if this is a spacesuit or a robot.  It looks like it might work for a different, alien species, or perhaps it’s really huge and a human pilot fits somewhere in a little shell of a cockpit.

I found it hiding in another old sketchbook, and I can’t believe I haven’t posted it before.  If I have, please let me pretend this is new, as I just couldn’t find it anywhere in the archives.  Anyway, I love those big arms!  Also, what a freaky head.  I love it.