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Just for fun.

I’ve been working on a superhero commission all weekend.  While the design we went with was ultimately different, I thought this unused design was pretty damn fun:

I showed it to my buddy/fellow artist Cody, and he liked it too.  Enough so, that he took his mad digital coloring skills to it.  If you’d like to see the color version, by the talented Mr. Hagman, check it out here.

Unwanted “friends”

I choose to walk about two miles to work every day, and then repeat at the end of my long, sad day. On my way to and from, I pass a lot(!) of homeless folks on the streets on San Francisco.  I go far out of my to avoid the Tenderloin when possible, but these folks are pretty much everywhere here, and so rarely do I cross an entire city block with encountering one.  Most are focused on something else when I happen by, but sometimes I end up being the most-interesting thing in their field of vision, and so, against my will, I make new “friends”.  This usually just results in a lot of yelling, but occasionally they manage to get in close and I’m forced to wash some unidentifiable substance off my jacket or shirt.  I jokingly refer to these people as “hobos”, but that sounds a little too charming. Make no mistake, there’s nothing endearing about the individuals who assault me.

My point is, I see a lot of hobos.  And, while most are not actually wearing flour sacks like this guy, their features have become burned into my mental reference files.


I don’t know what to use this guy for yet.  Maybe another character in a comic?  Overbites are fun to draw…

I hate hobos

If you’v ever walked around the downtown area of San Francisco, you know we have a healthy and active homeless population.    They’re vocal, excited, and incredibly filthy.  Part of me knows that I should feel sorry for these folks and maybe even do a little something to support social programs to bring them out of their current state.  However, I’ve had shit (literally) wiped on me on three separate occasions and been attacked twice by these things, and this, coupled with their constant general behavior and attitude, have used up any pity or sympathy I once had.

On the upside, I’ve got plenty of reference and inspiration when I need to draw hobo-like characters for my comics.  Here’s one that’s going into Father Robot issue #2:

scruffy man