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Lately I’ve been working a lot, and not at making comics.  Sadly, the world of comics is not a lucrative one.  At least, not for me.  Not yet.  So, I spend a lot of my time doing other things.  However, I’m trying hard to make sure I get a minimal amount of time each day moving forward with my “true calling”.

Here’s a little warm-up to get me going again.  I’ve found a lot of inspiration recently in drawing my versions of existing characters.  Since the designs already exist, they’re fast to get going on, and fun!  After watching the new Dredd movie, which I really enjoyed, I got some old comics out and really got back into the character.  Did anyone else read Dredd vs. Aliens?  I know, I know, those “vs” books can be real disasters, but this Dredd vs. Aliens is fantastic.  It was great enough to inspire me to tackle drawing a quick treatment of said Judge, anyway.  I inked this with Rapidographs and colored digitally.