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Under the dome

I was recently told by someone that they are tired of spacesuits with domed, or bubble-helmets. For some reason, those have always appealed to me. I want to say it’s because you can see the expression of the person inside, or maybe I always thought that mask-like helmets are better suited for combat armor or robots. It’s also possible that I add them to my spacesuits so often because they’re easier to draw…

Whatever the reason, I’m trying something different.

I used Copic pens on tracing paper, taped over my sketchbook for this lil’ guy or gal.

Dress for success.

I’m trying to wind myself up for a new project.  It involves lots of spacesuits, robots, and ruined, industrial sci-fi settings.  Really, everything I love in life… imaginary life.

One of the most-difficult ongoing struggles I face is finding enough time to draw.  The last year has been so busy, I’m thinking about not taking on more freelance commissions for the near future, at least until I’ve finished drawing a few things that have been waiting for a while now and are pounding at the door on my conscience.

Enough of that, you came here for the drawing, right?  So, here’s a little sketch I cleaned up to get the juices flowing.  It’s going to be on the table for that upcoming project.  More on that soon…


New book out soon.

I’ve been going crazy trying to get ready for my final review of my thesis work.  This includes producing some new material, all the while trying to attend classes, do homework, and act as editor on our departmental comics anthology.  Well, looks like I’m starting to catch up with things.  The new issue of Figments comes out soon, and here’s a sneak peak at my story’s cover.


Gotta love them ‘roids

I have a project in the works right now that calls for a lot of asteroids.  Here’s a bunch I worked out yesterday.  I just did them freehand with my favorite brush and some FW acrylic ink.  It was a very Zen experience!  I then vectorized them (this is my new “clean up” procedure) in Illustrator and colored them in good ol’ Photoshop.  I’m very happy with the result.  I realize they may be lacking in a few hard shadows, but the good thing about digital coloring is that if I have a need for such detail later I can add it.

Quick moon walk

Here’s one I did while on break from class today. I wish I had a spacesuit…