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How do we do it?!

Cody Hagman and I are working on a new project. You’ve seen a few things I’ve been working on for it, but I thought folks might enjoy seeing the steps it takes for us working together.

Thrill krill cult.

When we visited the Monterey Bay aquarium, I was really struck by how amazing certain sea life looked under black light.  The krill were by far the coolest.  This is another piece I’m producing to sell at my table at BigWOW! next month.  I’m trying to produce these fast and efficiently so I can sell them at low prices and not feel sad about it,



Gotta love those watercolors and Copics…

So cute and cuttlely.

Cuttle fish are the pokemon of the tentacled-monster world.  Still, I would totally love one as a pet.



This sea life was again brought to you by watercolor and Copics.

See what you can sea.

More sea creatures.  I’m hoping to produce some inexpensive options for folks at my table at BigWOW! next month.  So, if you want to come pick up the original piece, make sure and stop by…



I made this with watercolors and Copic markers.

Jelly Bellies

I keep prepping these pieces of watercolor for drawing little ocean creatures on, and then forgetting about them.  I found this one this morning while looking for some marker paper.  So, I did some quick shapes with my Copic markers and outlining with opaque white, and… ta-da!


Colorful world

It started with some jellyfish at the aquarium, and now I can’t stop messing with my old, cheap set of watercolor paints.  The sea life has been fun to reference, and I’ve spent much of the day experimenting how they interact with my Copic markers and some Pro White.  Some combos and/or procedures are more satisfying than others.  I like the way this krill came out.