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Twice as nice.

Back to ol’ Thunderbird again.  I rarely draw superheroes, but I’ve got a need for a good understanding of this discarded mutant.  So, I end trying out different versions of him time and again.  The problem is, it’s hard to find good reference for this guy.  Even within one book, there’s a rather large variation of what his details are.  This problem is only increased by his ability to morph into a radically different version when angered.  Anyway, I did my best, but I know I forgot the little gauntlets he’s supposed to have popping off his meaty forearms.



I had lots of fun drawing Thunderbird.  Because of his powers and variable appearance, I felt it was a good excuse to exaggerate proportions and just enjoy myself.  Then, I went after him with Copic markers, and there’s nothing more fun than coloring a solid drawing with those!   The only thing I’m not completely satisfied with is the red tones.  It looks like my scanner couldn’t pick up the variation of that color, as I had actually used a darker value in many places.  Oh well, maybe I’ll go over the piece again with some warm gray in those areas…

T-Bird redux

One of my favorite things about Copics is the flexibility they have to be blended.  here’s a revision of the first post after I went back and added some darker value to spots.  I just took some warm and neutral grays to the areas where there was already flat (or at least lacking enough variation of) color, and now I think it looks much better.

A dollar twice.

Yes, there’s more Thunderbird for everyone.

In case you don’t remember, ol’ T-bird joined  joined a band of other of Marvel’s misfits to form the Exiles.  They jumped around realities picking fights, killing children, and, every once in a while, dying.  Before Thunderbird went out trying to punch Galactus while his back was turned, he busted out into this really cool “war” mode.  I thought it would make for good coloring practice.

Also, I love the whole “Science!” gag.  If you don’t get it, then you were either born too late or don’t watch the right tv shows.  Just try busting into a room a yelling it once.  You’ll see that you’re now the life of the party…


What’s the word?

Remember the Exiles?  Remember Thunderbird?  No?  Well, it was an somewhat unappreciated series, but there was lots of potential.

It’s been a little while since I last posted, but I’ve been working hard to get some work done in time for Wondercon.  While I wasn’t able to attend this weekend, some of my material was.  Zing!

This is just a warm-up I did this morning.