A little something to get into.

About a year ago I collected a bunch of sketches, concept drawings, character studies, and finished pieces together in a printed collection.  It was called “Robots” (you can buy it here if you’re really interested) and it was really fun to put together.  It made me feel like the piles of paper and drawing/sketch books I have cluttering up my home had meaning.  It made me feel like, when I held it in my hands and felt the weight, that I actually had some kind of cohesive body of work behind me.  Also, it made my convention tables look less-empty.

Anyway, by its title, you can probably guess what it was about.  I happened to have such a surplus of robots because, well, I love drawing robots, and because I had done a special blog page all about drawing them.  You can still see those posts up on this blog (Robots For All).  I had set a goal for myself to draw a new robot every day for a year.  While that goal was a little too lofty to achieve (I had to abandon the daily-effort after about half a year), it pushed me to get lots more drawing practice in than I would have had otherwise.  I like that, and I’m thinking of doing it again.

So, what should the new theme be?  Spaceships?  Aliens?  How about spacesuits?  I love spacesuits.  I wish I had one.  If I did, I would wear it all the time, no matter how stinky it got.  Here’s a little sketch of one I did today when I should have been helping the world’s most-ungrateful people at work…

photo (2)

I’m sure that it’s obvious, but this one was inspired by those old diving suits people used to plunge to the bottom of oceans in.  Strangely enough, while I love the idea of spacesuits, diving suits terrify me. Or, at least, the idea of getting in one does..

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Freelance illustrator specializing in science fiction and fantasy artwork.

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