The reviews are in.

My current series, Father Robot, is starting to get some readership and reviews.  Some are a little more critical than my fragile ego can handle happily (sniff), but almost all are fair and accurate.  Here’s one where you can actually hear yours-truly talk about the book, at Panda Manga.



Clawing your way to the top.

Work continues on the new issues of Father Robot.  Check out this sneak-peak from Issue #3.  Is this the end for our hero?


Happy Father(Robot)’s Day!

The writer and co-creator of Father Robot, Kristopher White, came up with a great idea to promote our book for Father’s Day.  Basically, Father Robot should participate in an old-fashioned photo op for the holiday.  I couldn’t help but taunt Reggie (the real father of Clarabelle, the heroine of the story) in the piece, as seen below.  Both Kristopher and the publisher like a friendlier version, but I still like this tongue-in-cheek version.


Available for your viewing pleaseure.

It’s been hard waiting for this day, but it’s nice to finally see my comic available for purchase.  Thanks to Kristopher White, the folks at Comixology, 215 Ink, and especially our supportive fans for making this possible.

Please check out the available download here.


Maybe when robots fly…

Yeah, I know that background is fairly lacking, but I set out on this one just to play around with some new markers, mostly.  FR doesn’t usually sport no jetpack, but what the hell, this pose was a lot of fun.

Years ago I remember reading one of Mignola’s Hellboy stories where all the investigating agents dropped to the scenes of paranormal activity on jetpacks.  Mignola’s fantastic and graphic way of visualizing things has stuck with me, and I always strive to try and bring a little of the magic that I see in his work to my own.  While my success at that is debatable, I felt inspired by the jet wash he drew in that story.  I swear it streamed out from below and behind those characters’ jetpacks, even when they were landing. However, a fellow artist-friend of mine pointed out that the jet wash/exhaust would actually be hitting the ground while landing and blowing up all kinds of dust.  I may go look up Mignola’s pages and try and duplicate more of what I remember from them later, but for now here’s a quick work-up of our hero in (uncommon, for him) action.


The robot was done by hand, vectorized, and then colored by hand with Copic markers.  The jet wash and dust (and shitty backdrop) were done digitally in good ol’ Photoshop.


We’ll be back after these messages…

Trying to come up with an iconic logo for the Father Robot book(s).  After pulling this head of our hero from one of my recent pages, I decided to try it out as emblem-esque image…

So, what do you think?


Fun with robots

There’s a definite art to the proper composition on a comic book panel.  I’ve experimented a lot with this one.  It’s supposed to show an evil robot getting what’s coming to him.  Here’s one of my earlier “framing” attempts of the panel.  In the end, I set up the whole thing significantly differently.  If you want to know how, you’ll have to check out issue #3…


The dangers of art.

So, Father Robot is supposed to be an all-ages-friendly kind of comic… except for the occasional gruesome death.  Just like real life, right?  Anyway, I like how this panel came out, and I thought I’d share.



Oh, wow…

Get ready for another one.  Convention season continues with BigWOW!

If you’re around, come by and see and the new stuff on my table.


Football Robot

So, I’ve decided this is Father Robot during his little-known high school football years.  Here we have him executing some deft maneuver before catching the pass to score the winning touchdown, bringing the home team victory over the evil town just to the south…

Anyway, this is FR with a little variation in design.  There different elements to him here than in the comic, and the colors are all changed.  My favorite are the wings upside the head.

I worked the pencils for this at Emerald City Comicon, the inks at Wondercon, and then added the colors and value with my treasured Copic collection this week at home (and at work).  At first, I was sure this drawing was a lost cause, as I didn’t really like where it was going in the sketch phase(s), but I like how it’s turned out.  You never know what a piece can turn in to if you give it a little love.



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